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Desegregation Pioneers Reunited with US Marshals

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

At 9 a.m. -- the exact time that "The McDonogh 3" integrated the school 50 years ago -- three women and the federal marshals who once escorted them will unveil a state historical marker in front of McDonogh No. 19 Elementary

Picture the McDonogh Three with the US Marshals who escorted them to integrate McDonogh 19 Elementary School - Reunion

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A half-century after, first-graders Leona Tate, Tessie Prevost and Gail Etienne had McDonogh 19 to themselves for an entire year, thanks to a white boycott. An unnamed white boy briefly broke the boycott in January 1961, but left once protesters descended upon the Walgreen's that employed his father, John Thompson. READ MORE

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